Grand Prix tickets

GP tickets for the 2019 are on sale now. I was wondering what the best deal / prices are. The outlet I'm looking at has weekend main stand tickets for around BD 125.

I've never been before and was wondering if this is about the right price and whether it's worth getting a ticket for all the days or just the race and whether the main stand is in fact the best place to watch it live.


That depends.

If you are a racing buff, it is better to get the tickets for all days and instead of main stand, go for Turn 1.  The best racing view is from there.  You will see the cars coming and turning whereas in main stand, there is just a zoom and you jump up to see any detail in the car as it passes :) .  Other areas are too far from the main stand so lots of walking to go enjoy the activities for example.

Alternatively, there are tons of activities for families, so that is another reason to buy tickets for all days.  But with family, you are not likely to be excited about races that much and in that case main stand is better as it is closer to everything like concerts, activities, food places, stalls, rides etc.

The price, if I recall correctly, is ok.  I remember paying roughly the same a few years ago.  The more in advance you buy, the cheaper it is.  Cheapest is getting it free from Corporates :).  Closer to the date, you will get the allocation email and you will have to go to pick up the parking cards / tickets - that is near the petrol station on the road to the BIC (where the restaurants are - only one in Zallaq area).

You have to do the race at least once.  But for repeats, I personally prefer the airshow as that is more fun.

good stuff... thanks for the tips.

As above.

If you defo want to go, get tickets early and for the first time get the weekend tickets.

Pit walk on Thursday is cool and so are the quails and other races. Plus concerts are usually OK.

You can get 20% off now, later it drops to 15% or only if you have Gulf Air loyalty membership.

Avoid the hospitality tent, access is over priced, unless you have a corporate hook up.

If unsure, you can just pitch up on the day, it’s never really busy even for Turn 1 and Main.

thanks... much appreciated

Keep an eye on expatriates and olx for people selling tickets at a much discounted price at times. (these folks get free tickets and they try to sell it)


that's a good tip. Looking into it, we'd decided not to go, but if I see a good ticket deal, that might be worth doing. Apprecaite the tip

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