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I just gave birth to a beautiful baby in Philippines,  I am a filipina  and my husband  is Egyptian, we get married in Philippines.  I am just confused on how to register my child in Egypt while we are still here in Philippines?  And what are the steps to  do to make it done?  My husband and I are planning  to travel to Egypt, does my child's passport will consider him as an Egyptian?
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Theres no problem to register your child here in  egypt and akso you can process the nationality of a child in egyptian embassy in philippines,or he can come for visit visa and submit the birth cetificate here in egypt ,automatic he will be eggptian citizen and can have a dual nationaliy,any futher questiin just ask me

Thanks  for your answer sir,  I am still confused.  Because my husband is worried..  If I register my son here in Philippine first,  the name of my son will be different  because here in Philippines we include the family name of the mother to the name of the baby..  Which is different in Egypt..  So what should be first thing to do?

There is no problem,its normal that the passport of a children in philippines with ur family name,anyway in  there law as a father recognize the baby he automatic a Egyptian citizen,it takes an hour to apply his egyptian birth certificate in mogama,,,ftom is he is egypt if mind,just make a red ribbon for your marriage cer. And the birth cer. Of the child maybe you need also for stamp here, if have question i can help you and i can ask my filipina friends here...

Sir can you give me your contact number  so my husband can call u regarding this matter.. 😇 are you Egyptian sir?  We really want to know the best thing to do.  Or even WATS app number sir..  Or contact number that we can call you..  Thank you so much

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