Unlimited Wireless internet in Kuwait

Can anyone give me some info on the companies providing wireless internet in kuwait please and maybe any recomendations? I am looking for a monthly plan that will enable unlimited streaming/downloading - am looking for reliability in the connection as well as a good decent price. - and something i can use both for cell phones as well as laptops/desktops. Sadly physical phone lines don't work in the builing/area I'm in.

You may take Ooredoo, they have lot of packages which is good than other service providers

A bit of a painful subject. I'd say it very much depends on your location, but in general none of them are reliable. I used to be on Ooredoo and then it got very unreliable, switched to Zain which did not help much. In the evening the speed would sometimes slow down to a crawl. They do offer a generous 500GB of traffic which is basically unlimited as it is hard to reach this limit with the actual speed you are getting. :)))

Price is 6 or 5 KWD if you negotiate and the data plan can be shared between your laptop and phone if you wish so.

I would take a prepaid plan from each provider or borrow a router if possible from someone for a month to check what performance you are getting in your area.

Also it is worth noting that there have been a lot of reports from Ooredoo users getting scammed into services they never subscribed to and being charged for it. Just something to keep on your mind.

Noted your points !

Currently, I am using Ooredoo router KD.12/- package for 1Tera capacity, also, mobile package, both the speed level is quite better 24 hours a day, though for a half hour it becomes slow at night, I guess due to the backup scheduler on the server.

But, it all depends on you where you feel comfortable in using the service provider.

Thanks to everyone for your info! Mr Ribbs, I will try to do just that.

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