Have NZ Citizenship, Thinking of Moving There, Need Advice

I need advice from people who actually live in New Zealand.

I have had NZ citizenship by descent since I was 18 [I'm 59 now]. I have never been there, but I do have an NZ passport. I'm divorced, my kids are grown, and I am thinking of moving to the area of Christchurch. My father's family is from there, and I would like to get to know them.

Can anyone give a person in my situation some advice? I've worked as a criminal defense attorney for almost 25 years now. I'm licensed to practice in the State courts of Arizona, and in a number of federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court [although I've never appeared there]. Would it be worth it, at my age, to study for admission to the NZ Bar? What are the prospects for a person my age to find any kind of work?

I should say here that I don't really care if I practice law - my needs are simple and I can do most anything. I would really like to work in the NZ court system, but not as an barrister or solicitor.

Another question I have is whether or not I am eligible for health care in NZ. I rarely go to the doctor, but I am 59. Can anyone shed some light on health care in NZ for a citizen who's never been there?

Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Christian Ackerley
Attorney at Law
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Hi there,
I am not sure whether you have had any replies. 
I was born in SA but am an NZ Citizen. 
As a citizen you have full rights - no exclusions.  You would be therefore be eligible to receive frere healthcare.  I have private health insurance as waiting lists in the public health system can be long and if you have cancer or something critical that needs fixing, you don't really want to be sitting around watching the clock tick. That would apply to most countries.
NZ offers a really lovely lifestyle - I'd go as far as to say unbeatable.  I live near the sea and would recommend that unless you really do have strong family ties in Christchurch.
There is so much freedom and beauty to enjoy and it is such a wonderful place to raise kids with a great , free education system.
I can't help you with answers to your legal questions and the legal system with regards bar exams unfortuantely.  But I have gone back and studied ar 52 and I have loved every minute of it so I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It would be fairly easy to get this info from the NZ Law Society I would imagine.
Hope that helps a bit.

Thank you so much. This helps. Christian.

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