Sihanoukville....still an ok retirement venue.

I am planning on retiring in Cambodia in about a year. Always loved living by the sea so been looking at Sihanoukville.  But been reading some bad press about how it's changing. Is it really as bad as everyone seems to make out.? And what would be the next best coastal city...Kep?


It's a matter of time.

Sihanoukville is in the middle of becoming a large city, many constructions are going on, which means hundreds of sand trucks causing sand and dust plus damaged roads.
Although it's not fun just right now it will be fine in a year or two. Because of a higher influx of middle class Chinese visitors there will be improvements in health care, infrastructure, new highway from PP and more.

Right now the only place that is still worthwhile staying is one of the islands off the coast, Koh rong and Koh rong samloem.

So if you need the sea [I love it too, lived there for nearly 3 years] come over in two years, or alternatively stay the first year of your retirement in Phnom Penh and/or visit other places in the meantime, Siem reap comes to mind.
Forget about other places at the sea, like Kep and Koh kong, very quiet [boring] places with not much to do. Sihanoukville used to be and will be again the place to go for sea and beach lovers.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hi guys. I've been in Sihanoukville for the last month but spent the most time in Otres Village. I don't believe at the current time that Sihanoukville is a good place to retire or settle down. The amount of construction of hotels, resorts, casinos, bars, and restaurants is significant. The accompanying infrastructure to support all this is not evident and hopefully things like power, water, and roads will be improved as these new facilities are bought online. In Otres Village, its normally a very quiet beach village with dirt roads for the most part. Otres is a casualty in some ways too with a huge development occurring right outside of the village. There are at least 10 multi story buildings going in and construction goes on non stop with the sound of the pile drivers going basically 24/7. There now are power outages in Otres almost every day and who knows what will happen when the new buildings are finalized. Again, the existing roads and infrastructure are hard pressed to support the construction. Yet Otres Beach is perhaps the most beautiful of beaches. I cannot recommend that Sihanoukville currently is a place to consider to move to. Maybe as Joe points out when things calm down it will get better. I don't know. It just seems that it has changed so much and has a long way to go.

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