Moving to Castle Douglas

I'm Dan, 58, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the US, have lived all over the States, in Mexico, Czech Republic, Italy, but have lived in Vermont for the past 17 years.

My wife's mother has MS, and needs our help. Our middle child (age 25) has Childhood Onset Schizophrenia, and he can work at the Camp Hill community at Loch Arthur. She and the kids have dual US-Irish citizenship, and I'm still waiting on a visa as we ship the small amount of stuff we're keeping over there, and prepare to spend a small fortune transporting two cats, all of which is wracking my nerves. Our youngest, the daughter, is recently graduated from college and living and working in Dublin. Our eldest is remaining here in Vermont with his fiancee.

Know anyone over there moving to the US? Have 2 cars to swap. Or swop, if you prefer.

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