Pay Check on December

Hi everyone, I'm new to Singapore and unfortunately my first paycheck will be on December. I'd like to know usually will it be at the end of month like any other paychecks? And as it will be holiday season at that time, is it possible for me to cash it out? I mean will banks work during holidays? I don't have a Singapore bank account yet so I have to go to a bank and get cash.

In December, only 25th December is holiday. So you have 31 days in December, exclude Sundays and Saturdays (on Saturday, works as half day in selective branches) and December 25, rest of days banks are open.

You can open a bank account using your passport and work pass card, it will take few hours only. So, telling you don’t have bank account is an excuse here.

Thank you for your reply!

You can check with your Payroll to determine which date is the payout date for your company. Each company has its own policy. Surya was right when he said that the only  holiday falls on 25th Dec.

Also, do note that most companies issue a crossed cheque, meaning you have to bank in to an account under your name so it's advisable to open an account as early as now and give your bank details to your HR for direct crediting (saves the trouble/hassle of depositing a cheque and wait for clearance). FYI - most banks require a proof of residence so if this is an issue now, might as well request for an employment letter from your HR in advance.

All the best!

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