Help with a transcription!!

Hi everybody!!  :D My name is Laura and I'm from Madrid. I've created this post because I'm in search for a person who is willing to help me with my university project.

I study Modern Languages and Translation at the Alcalá University. For the subject "Audiovisual Translation" I have to carry out a final project in which I have to select a video, transcribe it and translate it into Spanish (in the form of subtitles). Since the video could not be in Youtube because it could not have subtitles, I found the following one: the first chapter of 'Rob & Big'. I guess if you are American you will probably know it.

My problem with this video is, that though I have a good level of English, the American accent is so, so, so difficult for me sometimes that I am not able of transcribing everything on my own. So, as an "act of desperation" I cry out for your help here to see if someone would help me with this task.

I can't pay you with money (don't think badly, please!!!) but I can give you Spanish lessons, show you around in Madrid or invite you to my city (Alcalá de Henares) and give you a tour around. Think of it as an exchange!

Hope someone is interested! Best wishes to everybody,

Laura  :)

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