Reccomedation for cosmetic surgery

Hi All,

I am looking for a good hospital/center for cosmetic surgery. I want to get some work done on my nose. Does anyone have experience or can recommend a good hospital with decent rates.


I can get that for you if you are looking HCMC.  My fiance is getting her nose done this week and her niece just had hers done at the same place about 3 months ago and it looks great.  She says it's a good place and is voting with her own nose!

Yes please can you recommend me the clinic and surgeon. And if you have any more details that would be great.


She says you don't pick the surgeon.  They have four in the clinic and all are good and very experienced.  She just get her nose done yesterday and had a good experience.

189B/&A Nguyen van huong street Thao dien ward district 2

Price 35,000,000-45,000,000 depending on complexity or issues to be resolved.

Try Kangnam hospital, cheaper than the place in Thao Dien. My wife had her nose done there for 26 million vnd.

Re. cosmetic surgery, I strongly suggest you contact with specialized hospitals for affordable service and good post-operation insurance. In my opinion, you'd better contact Trung Vuong Hospital or Cho Ray Hospital, which are well-known for their service in HCMC.

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