Job Offer with BAe systems Riyadh

Hello all,

My husband has been offered a role at BAe systems in Riyadh. Does anyone have any information about what the marriage scheme offers.

Kind regards.

Marriage scheme? Sorry to burst your bubble but there's a 90% chance BAE won't bother bringing you over in the first 18 months to join your husband.

They are notoriously known for making these false promises, be very prepared to never enter Saudi.

Thanks for your reply. Oh ok, do you know anyone who has experienced this. I’m desperately trying to seek someone who works there.

I work there and have experienced this, and I have known people that have entered Saudi over 6 months ago and still haven't had their families join them.

Seek advice from the agency that BAE will refer your husband to for his visa, as it'll be them that 'should' be sorting yours too.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it until your husband enters Saudi and begins the process for your visa, however, it's an iqama you want, that's a whole other story.

I will try and inquire further.

BAE is a well known and really a good company to work. Please check your contract whether single or family. If it is family, you dont have to be worried. you will get the visa soon once your spouse is here. if it is single, Still you dont need to worry. You can come here on visit visa of 3 months which can be extended later.

Thanks for the reply. Do you work for them  in Riyadh?

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