Address for CR - Virtual / Shared offices / Incubator Update

Hi all, with some recent developments regarding incubators re: office space, I am trying to get a sense of what kind of offices / addresses people are using for their CR.

Basically what has recently happened is that SME development is cracking down on incubators / business accelerators.  By the activity definition, they can support businesses who are less than 2 years from CR activation but CANNOT just lease office space to absent tenants (people should work from those offices and incubators should give them incentive to do so).  A lot of people were approaching them only for addresses as it is a cheap rental i.e. 100 BD a month.  Now, it seems that getting addresses from incubators would be very tough as they will ask for extra requirements because the ones who don't comply will be shut down.

So it would be helpful if the forum members could list the details of their respective address (the ones who have companies) so that people who want to arrange alternatives know what to look for.

It would be great if you could give your inputs in following format:

Office type : virtual, serviced, incubator or physical
Rent per month : xxx
Provider of the office : xxx
Area : xxx
Has any inspection been done by LMRA / Municipality : Yes / No
Inspection passed : Yes / No
How long have you used the address : xxx

Thanks for the help.

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