Sample of Norway divorce certificate

Hi every one, I would like to ask to see how an original divorce certificate of Norway looks like.
Such help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks all.

it will not be valid withou beeing translated by a registered tranlater and stamped by the coorect agencies. i have one but im not sure how i would show it to you.

Oh I wish u could show me so I can compare it to the one my bf has sent me. I am just confused Chinese people don't believe it when I presented the documents my bf sent me all the way from Norway. Apparently,I really don't have any idea how Norway do their legal documents.
Well , we r planning to get married in Hongkong next month and I already collected every documents needed and all except for the divorce certificate.. By the way , would u mind sending it to my email..*** pls..thank u very much.😊

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