How have you managed mental health while living in Switzerland?

I’m interested to know how people have coped with mental illness while living as expats.  What were your experiences with the medical system, medications, psychotherapy etc?

This might not be tremendously helpful but I have weekly therapy sessions through skype with a therapist in my home country. I chose this option for various reasons, mainly because she practices an approachthat I really like, which was, accidentally, developed in that country. Also, the costs are considerably lower, given that my Swiss insurance is pretty basic. Also, the language is something to consider and while I'm okay with the idea of following therapy in English I'm not sure it would be aseffective in French. All that said, I have nothing diagnosed for the moment since my therapist and I  both agree that these weekly sessions are enough to help me with what I have. Hope others can chime in with more helpful info.

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