get email reply from ICA singapore

hi surya

im regina  from jakarta indonesia

i been refused from entering singapore 4 years ago
and i just email ICA gov and i get email reply from ICA immigration
the email from them like this

"you may visit singapore as a normal visitor,  subject to you meeting the usual entry requirements,  which a mong other include,  having a passport with at least six month validitu,  a valid singapore entry visa ( if applicable) 
confirm return/onward tickets (where applicable)  suffient funds for the period of stay in singapore ,
the entry requirements can be found at ICA website

nevertheless,  please note that the issue of the visit pass is however assessed by the immigration officer at the point enyry into singapore. "

what i dont undestand of email from ica is " do i must apply online visa tourist at ica website or just direct go to ica immigration at changi singapore? 
cause its hard to apply online tourist visa at ica website

hope you reply soon..  thanks

The reply means you can go directly to the immigration counter on arrival and will be admitted into the country if you fulfill the requirements (and the officer sees no reason to reject you).

Agreed with Beppi. ASEAN countries countrymen don’t require advance visa, rather they get on arrival visa for 30 days.

You need to statishfy other conditions mentioned by ICA before you plan to visit. Good luck

Note: Don’t do things here which will have negative implications and your visa would be denied again.

thanks very much beppi and surya,  to explain yhe email cause i really dont undestand what the mean that email before.
thanks again..

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