Expat Engineering Manager Salary in Yogyakarta


I am considering a job from Yogyakarta and the title is engineering manager (of an IT company)
I am supposed to give my expectation for the current phase of the interviews, but honestly, I am confused, although I have been to Indonesia and Jogja as a tourist...

Can anyone give some details about the avg expat salary for similar positions? And if there are any other things to consider besides the salary?

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If it is an expat position......

When working on your salary work on 30% tax, you want accommodation paid for or an equivalent living allowance and medical insurance (many international companies give this as the norm but you will still pay BPJS about 1.5/2% of salary plus similar from employers, once contracts have finished you can claim around 80% of this back including employers contributions)
Depending how often you want to go home you want return flights (I usually insist one one return flight per year)
Do you want a salary? Therefore paid public holidays and paid annual leave?
Day rate you’ll probably get similar as salary but read small print of any contract

Salary wise to give you an idea fabrication/construction engineering/ superintendent, welding inspector, Integrity Engineer, production engineer etc on our site are banking between 10-13million IDR per day on salary, day rate is similar maybe 500,000idr per day more
Overtime for employed expats is worked out differently for Indonesian nationals and certain senior positions regardless of nationality so your probably going to be way better of taking a salary unless your contracted to receive overtime/ bonus

Typical living allowance for expats can range from 4-12% on top of salary and accommodation this is pretty standard in my part of Indonesia but I can’t comment on other locations
All the above is for guys/girls (expats) who live / stay in Indonesia

In my previous company I'm working in IT Industry as Country Manager in Manila otherwise I have some many friends he work in Jakarta as Enginering Manager of IT some of them should I know that average sallary for them around $1300/month. I hope that can answers your questions.

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