Marriage by Proxy in Brazil—best visa option?

Hey everybody!
Without getting too lengthy with my backstory, my fiancé and I met in Des Moines, Iowa (my hometown), last year. After he moved back to Brazil upon his student visa expiring, I decided to follow him down to Brazil on an e-visa in March of this year.
The stay ended up flying by, so I used my 90 day extension immediately when I was able to, and used all 180 days allowed for tourists in a 1 year period.
Before I came back to the US in September, we knew that we wanted to make things official, and decided to get married.
Unfortunately, due to a two year travel restriction placed on Brazilians who’ve been in the states on an exchange visa, he can’t come here, and I’m not able to go back until March.
We found the best way to marry is via proxy, we’re able to find someone to stand-in for me, and we’ll be tying the knot in Brazil (while I’m home in the states), in this upcoming Wednesday!

Desperately missing my other half, I need to get back to him, and I’m navigating my visa options now that we’ll be tying the knot legally.

I know there’s the VIPER Visa, and from the looks of it, takes about 4-8 weeks processing time. While I respect the system, this is a looooong wait for a newly married couple.

I’m considering the VITEM XI temporary visa for family reunion, but can’t find many specifics on it. Each Brazilian consulate in the US seems to state different processing times, with some of the offices stating a 5 business day turnaround.

Does anyone have more info on the VITEM XI visa, or possibly better insight to which route I should go? Any recommendations are greatly welcomed!

Viper visas have been phased out.  You will have to apply for the VITEM XI under family reunion. Process is pretty simple and self explanatory.

Since you are based in Iowa, I believe you will have to visit the Brazilian consulate based in Chicago.

The required documentation can be found in this link

Brazilian Consulate - Chicago - Family Reunion

Just make sure to keep the required documents which you will need to brings with you to Brazil prepared.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

First, congratulations!

As Stanza51 has said, new VIPERs are not being issued since last year's reform of the immigration laws, and the VITEM XI is now your best option. 
The Consulate for your region is Chicago.  When my husband and I got married last year, I got my visa there, and they were very good about meeting their posted turnaround times of 10 business days in person, 15 by mail or visa agent.  I filed my application on August 10, and picked my visa up August 14, good to go.
All Brazilian consulates experienced serious delays as the got used to the new laws, and some of the websites haven't caught up, but Chicago seems to be up to speed on both counts.
Good luck - you're going to love it here!

Wow! Thanks for the quick replies!
When you were issued your VITEM XI last year, how long did they grant you status?
On the website, I noticed that they don’t give a specific length of stay for this visa, and was unsure if I’d be looking at something closer to 6 months or 2 years.

Thanks again for the advice!

I got in under the wire and got one of the last VIPERs before they stopped issuing them, so I'm not sure about the VITEM XI term.  Old VITEMs were 90/180, like the current VIVIS, so chances are that VITEM XI is, also.
The only purpose of the VITEM XI is to get you into the country so that you can go to the Federal Police and apply for permanent residency.  You're supposed to do that within 30 days of arrival; once the Federal Police accept your documents and start processing them, you'll be in the RNM (Registro Nacional Migratório) system, and visa expirations will no longer apply to you.

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