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Good Morning expats,

Once more I have a problem. When I was at home app 1,5 months ago there was not any electric. In Turkey, if any problem comes from the service provider outside of the house; we inform them and they solve that out. How it works in Montenegro? How can I solve this problem? I will be there around mid November and definitely need electric to clean the house and heating.

Thanks in advance and all the best,

Hi Zelce

Have your bills been paid on time? If yes, I suggest you go to your local electricity company and inform them of the problem. Usually all problems get solved the same day /even bigger repairs/. I call the company in Podgorica /is that where you live?/ and they tell me what the problem is and how long the repair will take.

Hi Tina,

Normally I am living at home yet hence I did not see (and pay) any invoice yet. Since I bought the house spent app 10 days in total at home. As far as I understood on internet, also they have an office at Danilovgrad; will pass by their office to see the problem and also solve the problem (I hope). To be able to clean the house bought a vacuum cleaner before I check the electric and hope to use next time :)

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Take one of  your previous bills so that they can try and find what you owe on the spot so that you pay it right away and have electricity connected right away.

You can also do this online but it's in Montenegrin or send me in a PM a picture of one of your previous bills and I can check it for you and tell you what the amount you have to pay is....and then you pay it, and take it to their office to show proof of payment and they'll turn it on right there.

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