Does anyone know what tests are done in order to get your health check to teach? … 40893.html

I did one years ago, it was quite easy.

Thanks, I had been told that they do a whole battery of test... such as diabetes, std, hiv, chest x-ray etc...

If you don't have to look at the money, go to the FMP.  There are 3 different health checks.
You will receive a detailed report.

As far as I can remember the cost is between 3 and 6 million Dong.

Thanks, I'm looking for one that will give a basic health check, enough to satisfy the government for a work permit to teach (without a lot of tests).

I've heard some people say that they had to get an HIV test, but then I've heard others say they didn't... and according to the various forms the HIV test isn't listed on there but then there are unscrupulous doctors (or lab techs) who may do the test anyhow...

most hospital will do it for you. you can try private hospital An Sinh

cost around 1 million.

in terms of specific hiv test, I'm not too sure.

You need to ask the hospital you pick from the list, what tests they will do.

A friend of mine did a health check for a driving license and was asked to do pelvic examination, thats how crazy they can get.


No first hands experience, but a number of friends recommend  them

Different requirements, depending on purpose: a mental checkyou need for sure, if you want to marry a vietnamese..
first i was loughing about that, but now I know ;) Would even do voluntary again
For work, you  need again another one, eyes, ears, weight ....
Best is, you say, whatfor you need it. In hospitals they will usually know

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