Room Divider/Decorative Screen

Has anyone seen any stand alone, decorative, arty, privacy screens? I am looking for something to place in front of the 6ft slider door in our bedroom when we go to bed. I have seen a few metalworked ones but they are too open. Ideally the one I find would fold up so it could be put against the wall during the day. And, not so heavy I cannot manuver it easily. I have looked at Hidelsia and IKEA.

Check   Profertera  (sp?) on the highway in Sosua. Many things on the second loor.  Also ask Mike at the F.L.  He knows an excellent carpenter down the street. Quality & fair prices.  I hate drapes & blinds Also.

I bought some really nice ones on Amazon. $75

Ikea did have some fairly nice ones.  I will check in SD next week as I know I have seen them. Plaza lama did have some at one time too.

Thank you! The SD website did not offer much.

I can get one on Amazon and have it  shipped over by boat. 1,650 pesos for shipping. That did not sound too bad to me.

You have more patience than I. Dividers are fragile & I would rather spend a touch more fore a custem designed item with instant feed back for any modifications.  There are many excellent tradesmen here. Give them the business & thereby create even more contacts for other future needs.  Lest not we forget that we live in a different culture.

What the he'll does a room divider have to do with a different culture????  Pretty much nothing, no idea what you are going on about again Tinker.

And therin lies the rub,(old Willy Again)  Having local artisans supply their craft helps the local economy. If other sources are more suited to your needs, so be it. I just believe that utilising local sources is beneficial for all.  Perhaps my use of the English language is somehow lacking when I try to state my opinions. For that lack of my skills with words, I humbly request your forgiveness.  OH-OH! It appears that the Tuba has once more farted.  Tough bongies ya-all.

I agree that using local artisans is a good thing to do. However, since we are not full time Sosuan's yet, the logistics of that are better left for the years to come.

Right now, I just want a simple, light weight, hinged, folding screen that I can place in front of a slider door so the security guards can't look in my bedroom in the middle of the night. Not that looking in my window is part of their routine 😂😂 but it would make me feel better. Who knows, I probably sleep with my mouth open or something!

I will see what I can find honey.

So Tinker I can easily agree using local labor and craftsmen when good. But sometimes it's just not the right way to do it.

At last, an agreement on somthing. Yes, sometimes it just ain't possible. Anyone heard from BobK? Unusual not to see something rom him.  Perhaps a world cruise?

Going to order online from Amazon and ship by boat. Supposedly will take 20 days (allowing 30), $1,650 pesos.

I will let you all know how it goes. Should be cheaper that air. Specially since I triple checked the weight this time to make sure I had it right. 😂😂😂

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