Moving to another country from Sweden

Is it possible to move to another country maybe like England (since it's also an EU country) after my fiancé from a non-eu country gets a residence permit and after we’ve stayed in Sweden for around 4-5 years? Or can he only live in Sweden?

If he is a non EU national. Then the same rules applied as when he moved to Sweden from wherever he came. Will apply again.
The Schengen Treaty rules. Sorry.

If he has residency in an EU country he can move throughout the EU freely.
Citizenship is what you are asking about.

Alright so if he gets an residency in Sweden he can move to England right? But can he stay there for how long he wants? :-)

Residency in Sweden means he will gain rights under the Schengen Treaty.  He can then move to the UK freely and have automatic right to remain but will need to apply for UK citizenship to remain indefinitely and without concern.
I don't know where your partner is from. That might help 😁 As like everything else in life.....there is no rule that can be applied for one that cannot be changed for another. You just have to know how to read between those lines......

Ohh okay, thank you!! :) He is from Sri Lanka :)

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The UK is not a signatory to the Schengen agreement, so Schengen rules do not apply when travelling to the UK.

Assuming he has a Swedish issued Article 10 residence card and is accompanying a citizen of an EEA country, he can apply for an EEA visa; this link will take you to the UK Gov website with the details.

You should be aware that Brexit may well stop these Article 10 visas.

Hope this helps.

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