Nebraska guy, just married a Moroccan girl; new to forum


I'm Don.  I just returned from my 3rd trip to Morocco.  This one was a true adventure - My fiancé and I got married.  Now to begin the I-130 visa process, so I can bring her here.

Would love to connect with anyone and everyone who has experience with Morocco, and with anyone who has advice and input on the spousal visa process.  I'm a natural born 3rd generation American, hoping the visa process goes smoothly, and not too horribly slowly.


Hi Nebraska Guy,
My name is Dennis.  Am married to a Costa Rica gal.  Filed I-130 in February 2018.  Visa approved by USCIS in August.  USCIS sends visa approval to NVC (National Visa Center) and am waiting for embassy interview.

Nebraska guy, you can email me at *** and I will give you a LOT of useful and helpful information.  I'll write a book about this ridiculous process when I get back to the USA with my wife.  don't use immigration attorney (costly and unnecessary).  Use to fill out your I-130.  Form must be PERFECT or you will be delayed.  CitizenPath charges about $100 to fill out the I-130 but it's worth it because they make sure it's filled out perfect.

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