Is it legal to import hemp fiber to CR?

Hi folks,
I have a construction company that builds using industrial hemp fiber ( and have been invited to CR to do a workshop on how to build with the remarkable material.  I would need to import a container of fiber.   My client is unsure about the current laws around hemp.  Anyone know, or can direct me to someone who does know?
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I would not trust just word of mouth on a forum with this info if it is important to your business plans.
I would try to find someone like an import/export attorney where you are now, to investigate and find out.

Also any info you get from the  Costa Rica government on this, get it in writing and carry it to show to any other government official who may not know what the real law is.

I have no idea if it's legal or not here. I imagine it is. I think hemp is even legal in every U.S. state now. But I'm not even SURE of that.

Maybe someone here on this forum does know. But even so I'd want to get it checked out by a legal source such as the proper government official or an attorney who specializes in such things.

Thanks for your response. Absolutley, we will seek legal advice before proceeding- just thought someone might have had some experience and could guide us to a reputable source of information:-)
Thanks very much

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