help on sending boxes by boat cargo to the Philippines

i use to use this guy but he quit doing that because he was not making enough money so now i need a new company  one that can pick it up at my house and deliver to Calubian leyte Philippines cargo boat because boxes are heavy  and i can not afford in air cargo but boast use to cost me $45 for a big box $90 if the box was huge  any one have a good one to use i check out LBC but thy do not give the rates for cargo does not say in the web site this is by boat that take 1 month to get there not air plain cargo

When we moved from Las Vegas we sent about 15 jumbo boxes through Forex $85 per box, picked up at our home in Vegas and delivered to our home in Pasig City. Boxes arrive intact and on time. We had also used Star Cargo but the agent was on vacation in the Philippines, so they had no service. That's when we switched to Forex. I don't know where you are shipping from but in Las Vegas the Filipino population is huge (110,000). To give you an idea there is Jollibees in Las Vegas.

Thank you for the shipping data.

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