i have a lot of things want to know about dominican republic.

please tell me.

1. i wonder which is the best souvenir in dominican republic? and where can i get it?

2. is there a nightclub turn edm or hiphop music in santodomingo or somewhere in dominican republic?

3.which is the best place for christmas and new years eve?

4. where can i get zippo lighter in santodomingo?

im new here and im gonna stay here for 1year.
i need your help
dominican republic is a beautiful place!

I can offer a couple of answers:

1. I would suggest the semi precious stone Larimar and in my opinion the best value place to buy is at the small workshop and museum in La Cienega, south of Barahona which is nearby where the mines are. You can also arrange to go and see the mines which are small scale in the lovely mountains in that area which roll down to the coast.
Here is the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/museolarimar/

3. You will find Dominicans celebrate Christmas Eve and from experience I believe the best place to be is with locals in their family/barrio setting. It is easy for me to enjoy that because I am married to a Dominican. Invariably it will involve a spit roasted pig and plenty of drink, music, dancing and happiness. When it comes to New Year celebrations take your pick: resort or city with more of the western way of celebrating New Year or in the campo/barrio with locals just enjoying themselves.

I note that you are listing yourself as at San Cristobel. I can assure you that folks there know how to party. Have you been down to Playa Najayo or Playa Palenque at a weekend and both are are a very short ride from San Cristobel

https://www.google.com.do/maps/@18.3363 … a=!3m1!1e3

Or why not think about visiting the unique Pomier Caves just north of the city:


wow..you know a lot of thing about dr. muchas gracias!

Good advice on the larimar. It is beautiful. And, thanks for the info on the mines. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

ChristieE :

Good advice on the larimar. It is beautiful. And, thanks for the info on the mines. Sounds like a fun thing to do.


You might want to try contacting the cooperative from La Cienega who do various excursions within the local area and offer accommodation with local families. My understanding is that they did trips to the local mines which are some way inland in the mountains.




There are a few small artisans working the Larimar alongside the road leading to Casa Bonita which has to be one of the must stay small hotels if you enjoy travelling the length and breadth of the DR.

Apparently, you can find Larimar in the rivers in the area too.

Casa Bonita: https://youtu.be/sovtB3KLITg a real eco small resort

I knew 2 years before I sold my bar/restaurant that I wanted to stay in the same basic troical climate. I had spent time in the Dr, but wanted to be sure wherever I chose would be fine for the rest of my life. Belize, Columbia, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico &  others. I researched everything I could think of, history, economy, education, medical, typography,government systems, language, climate, cost of living, culture, art, banking & on & on.  The information is available if you look for it.  The end result is living here happy as the roverbial pig in...... My exploring other options had shown me the right place. Read, read & read more of all the threads on this forum. They will answer just about all you need to know. Then you will be able to ask the perfect questions for you.  First came here in 1996 & it has been in my heart ever since. March 2002 was able to move here for good.

This is a very good short video to understand something about the country, it's potential, economy, politics and problems of DR:


A fantastic country with the problems of regional countries but a place of great opportunity that has yet to achieve it's full potential. Yes, true imo.

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