Help Me Cheer Up My Sister

Hi guys & gals,

I live with my sister and her husband and 2 small children. Due to some recent events she is unfortunately suddenly divorcing her husband. She’s really not herself lately. Does anyone have any good ideas for me to cheer her up or get her out of this funk?

How about a weekend holiday?


Go to youtube and search anything on Abraham Hicks and desired topic. She is phenominal.

All the best!

Islam shows solutions for all the problems and calls to refer to God and pray for him and abound in to say (not about not power, but in God) and also remember God much .... etc

Family conflict can happen anywhere anytime, but always there a reason if you know why? The u know how to  solve it, wisdoms shall be over motion and please tell both that the real victims will be the kids so be rational, if you make mistake the kids may not forgive you when they grow
The good thing is your concern about your sister:)

YouTube Dr Peter Glidden and Dr Joel Wallach on depression

I don’t really like Abraham Hicks!! Her messages are confusing. Seen a ton of videos in on her and the LOA. Thanks for the suggestion though!

I find that it's easy to switch from one general perspective to another, the worldview context, by going back to familiar circumstances experienced before.  In a foreign country this could be particularly problematic, but the general idea is to visit a restaurant, park, town, local fair, whatever context could help someone shift back to where they were mentally at a former point in time. 

When I lived and worked in a ski resort in Colorado one day a year in the spring we would pretend that we were the tourists, and go to cafes or bars that we would never go to, just slipping into that opposite perspective.  Of course we were already skiing or snowboarding at the local resorts all the time but somehow it was possible to just shift over from going to local places typical for us to visit to others and also shift mindset at the same time.  It helps a lot if it related to a set of activities, place, or role from the past, because taking up a new mindset is something else altogether, not as fast or natural.  Even something as trivial and limited as hearing a song or eating a food you never get back to can have some of the same effect.

In a foreign country (eg. me trying it here in Thailand versus anywhere I'd been back in the States) it would have to relate to something similar but different, getting to a related version.  For example contact with nature works particularly well, given how immersive that experience can be, but nature isn't even close to the same in the tropics versus a temperate climate, so it would be hard to use a similar approach here, but a picnic theme could still carry over.

Take her to see a psychologist, this is the best thing you can do for her

She’s the strong type who wouldn’t go unfortunately!

I might plan a spa weekend at a nice hotel. I heard the Art Rotana has some good deals.
Thanks for all the sweet replies

Do you know any of her old girl friends?  People she hasn't  chilled or partied with for quite sometime. Is it possible to contact them and come up with a get together. A girls' day out with old friends might be the  remedy.

Another suggestion  can be evening Zumba classes,  This will act as a stress reliever and a fun factor. Good luck.

"I don’t really like Abraham Hicks!!"

Seconded! :)


Let me take her out to the dunes and beaches where she could relax and have fun at the dunes. Im sure she wouldnt mind a bbq at the beach.

Hi Esem

Where do you live, what kind of help your sister want, how old is she and where can we meet

not sure its healthy or right even, but the best way i get out of depression is to zone out my focus on other things job, movies,games, cinema distracting hobbies helps me put my mind elseware and slowly builds me back up to a normal state, basically keeping yourself distracted can be a good thing. its like a death in the family dwelling on the memories when they are fresh tear you apart finding some distraction can be very healthy imo

*my current situation*

Hope she will recover fast and move on happily.

Have a ladies night will forget

Hi there,

I've just joined this forum...

I hope she's doing much much better now?

If you'd like to hang out and maybe also do some outdoor sports (it helps a lot while going though difficult times - I've tried it), let me know and we can catch up.

I normally grab my scooter and go to Al Qudra or Meydan cycling track to relax and refresh my brain from work :)

Excited to hear from you!

she can pray and ask Allah to be happy as well she can do sports or dance to loose bad feelings

There should be a reason for her actions. Try finding it and eliminating it.

Also you can help her to forget that reason for some time, e.g. by organizing a long excursion for the two of you , I think a two weeks vacation in a wild place or 2 weeks cruise will be quite helpful.
But first try finding the root cause.


I was the same as  your sister and even a big part of the people; was sensitive and thinking always with negative emotions.

Then met with a social group who is coordinating to find volunteer for the request of the hospitals for blood, blood platelet, bone marrow requirements. You can not imagine what is going on at blood banks and the corridors of the hospitals. I understood and witnessed several times "what does it mean to be desperate" and health is the biggest treasury of the life; an amazing gift given to us.

Since several years  I am a blood platelet donor of the patients; met only a few of them.  I do not know how many times I donated blood and blood platelet. As far as I know only four or five them survived; the rest passed away.

So, Everything will pass unless you do not lose your health and serenity. Please give a huge hug to your sister on behalf of me. I advise that to visit the hospitals and orphan houses to share, to help, to love. With all those good feelings she will cover her soul very quickly and spend her times for something good.

All the bests from Turkey,

Tell her to find a good job, It will help her to divert her tension & believe me this is the best thing to do, especially when you work as a teacher. I am working in a British School nowadays we have vacant vacancies, ask her to apply for a job.

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Rest the case

This situation are very hard and confuse...
But it seems you take care a lot for your sister... your support is all that she needs now... Take it easy be positive... and try to make her happy in every small  gesture...

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