Licence and ID

I read in one of the post's that after one gets a GOP you must get a new driver's licence and then it is advisable to get a Seychelles ID.
Where does one go to get the license and the ID?

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Hey Jan,

you will get an ID at the Civil Status Office in Victoria, Independence House (Same office where you will get the GOP). They will take a photo and print your ID right away.

The local driving license has to be obtained within 3 months. You can get it at the Seychelles Licensing Authority, Ground Floor, Orion Mall building Victoria. Same as with the ID, they will do the snap right there and print your local driving license. Just bring your foreign driving license, as proof that you know the difference between accelerator and brake pedal :))))


Thanks Peter
I will go and get it
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Getting an ID is a piece of cake. But you must bring a photo copy  of your GOP and passport plus SCR300. 

The driving licence is not as quick. After getting my ID I went to apply for the  driving licence.  Completed the application and told that I am not on the system yet, and I will get a phone call when I am. A week later I went to enquire  and told that I am still not on the system  but that they will call me.  Does anyone know how long it takes before you are on the system?
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