Meet up / drinks in Cebu

Hello all
I have thought it an idea worth putting out there, would anyone be interested in a meetup in say Ayala on a Friday or Saturday. Just an informal chat once a month / fortnight, time is open but most likely afternoon or early evening. Obviously only of those living in Cebu City (or going to).  Let me know and I will see what I can organize.
regards  Bruce

Would love to Bruce, would participate after first of the year when I'm back in-country. Great idea.

Keep looking and I will post if I get enough interested.

Hi Bruce,
Not sure about expat meetups in Cebu but 6 years ago we started a group in Manila through "meetup" and within 5 to 6 months had 170 members, though most were inactive perhaps 10 to 15 participated on and off in social functions, when we came back to Oz I offered the running of the group up to the members with no takers even though we offered to pay meetup fees until we returned in 5 years. Try we did with no takers so closed the group down.

Meetup groups are an excellent way to meet new people and there are a plethora out there.

Administration fees are minimal and online support perfect.
Not trying to sell this mob and we are not involved any more but when we return next year we will probably go down this path to meet new people with similar interests.
If you have any questions ask here or PM me.
Good luck with your new venture Bruce.

Cheers, Steve.

Count me in. If my gf will let me out long enough to participate. 😂😂😂😳 She likes to keep me on a short leash... She keeps opportunities to stray to a minimum. Lmao.....

I know the feeling.  Hoping to make it this coming Friday at Ayala.  Will post to confirm.
regards   Bruce

Hello All.  Just putting it out there, I will be going to Ayala This Friday 9th Nov. and having a drink in  "Thank God Its Friday" from about 2pm.  This is a casual invitation to anyone who would like to catch up, no need to respond because I will be there regardless.

To All
I will be in Ayala after 2pm todayhaving a drink in " TGIF".  So if anyone wants to join me , feel free,  I am Australian,  6ft,  trimmed beard, 67 yo and about 250 lbs if you are looking for me.
regards  Bruce

To everyone.
Thanks to all those that came for a beer and chat.  I might take the suggestion to meet at "The Social" on the top floor of Ayala next time. Any other suggestions welcome.  Might have another in a few weeks time.
regards  Bruce

Hi Bruce

It would be cool to have a group get-together whether weekly or monthly.  Count me in as I am definitely interested.  Relatively new to Cebu - permanently moved here 7 months ago but lived here for over 2 year a few years ago.

Let me know about the next meet-up

Thanks.  Chau

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