UAE MOE Recruitment in the Philippines

Hello everyone! Is there anyone here who's applying for a teaching job next school year? The recruitment in our country is, unfortunately, postponed due to the limited number of applicants. I'm hoping to hear from the applicants from the Philippines and, of course, from other countries as well.

Hi ,  I would love to apply for a teaching post in Dubai . Can you please give à help . Thank you 😊

Hi, Jay. I am now waiting for the interview date. They told me before, thru Teachaway, that it will be in February however they moved it again in March. Do you think tgis is for real?

Hello, Sushmita! That is very possible. I think MOE is taking their time since they really need many teachers from the Philippines. Another reason that I perceive is the start date which will be on August. So, we just need to wait because it's very normal for MOE to do this waiting scheme (according to what I've read).

I see. Because accdg to the content of their mail, the start date is on April. Also, I am a bit doubtful since some threads too stated that they need a lot of teachers since many too are resigning because of the unorganized and non-pro teacher treatment in UAE? HOW TRUE?

Well it's quite true that they have been delaying the interview dates .
Since November I was told to be interviewed in month of Jan then they moved to Feb and now confiem dates they announced is end of march in India .

It's very much uncertain , nothing much is clear about the departure too as they haven't published any official notification in this regards,
We can keep waiting untill it's all clear from there side .
Let's hope for the best to happen.

I'm not really sure about the quantity of teachers that they need as well as the quantity of teachers who want to resign. But, I'm sure, based on what I've also read, that they are very inconsistent. They have a new system, that is something that we should expect.

Did they eveb require yoy to pass an IELTS band score of 7?

They require it but they suggest to take IELTS after passing the interview and after receiving the initial offer. Wait. Are you from the Philippines?

Yes, I am.

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