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I am from Greece and I will be in Gothenburg, Sweden. My profession is a car engineer and I would like to work in Gothenburg. I have 7 years in Occupation and I have a certificate of Automotive Engineering

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I suggest that you drop a detailed advert in the Jobs in Gothenburg section of the website so that your search benefits from better visibility. I would also advise that you browse through the different jobs specialised websites indicated in the Work in Gothenburg article.

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I'm  looking for a job in Stockhohlm.
I'm Nurse  and  Psihotherapist. 10 years experience in  Wellness Beauty Spa.

@Turkishlady, you cannot work directly as nurse in Sweden. You need to have to be certified in Sweden plus you need to have language certification too. However you can work as an assistant in some saloon or spa or as under nurse in medical care.

Where in saloon or spa or  home care?

I  want  to  come..

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