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Hello. I will be staying in Playa del Carmen for at least one year.  Can you recommend a good private insurance plan that has a dental coverage as well? I don't have permanent or temporary residence. Thank you.

Hi to all, I am not an expert but being fulltime permanent resident my researches confirmed that no Mexican based insurance (private or government) is accessible without the permanent or temporary residency status.

Based on your profile, you seem to have a Canadian residency status and living n Vancouver, so if I may suggest, you should request the BC government the sabbatical leave and purchase insurance from Canadian companies.

Another option, go to private practitioners in Mexico when needed since cost as cheaper than in Canada and the United States.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

Thank you for your feedback. If you are correct, then it's not very good. To my understanding, private insurance companies are the alternatives to the government ones so they should be accessible to non-residents

Hi again, the reverse also doesn't exist.

When I go back to Canada as a non-resident or to the USA (I have family in the USA), there is no Canadian or American private insurance companies that wants to cover me, I need to take a travel insurance from Mexican companies.

You could check again with international companies like
AXA (,

Here are a few sites to help.
1- calculator of estimated cost from the Mexican government … a-condusef

2- broker for medical insurance in Mexico … tYQAvD_BwE

Good luck in yur research

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

Thanks for the info!


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Hi Jamaism! Thank you for the info. I will arrive to PDC in 3 weeks. Can I start the paperwork now in Canada in order to get the coverage as soon as possible upon my arrival to Mexico? Or should I do it from Mexico to get a better price? Is it called Allianz Global Assistance? Thanks.

Here in Mexico private medical insurance for seniors is phobitable. Each 2 years after 60 premiums with all insurance companies sky rocket especially with a copay under about $2000.00 USD with policies only for "  gastos médicos mayores " [ major medical expenses ] usually bought here. Total coverage with lower copays are usually more than in the US especially when over 60. They also cut you out after 70 or so with many companies.
I have Mexican Government Socialized Medicine for zero payments per year untill I pass. I will save about a hundred thousand USDs before I pass. It is excellent so far for the last 10 years.

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