Mahajanga weather journal for Nov 2018 thru May 2019

Oct 2018 has been cool, dry and comfortable and a bit on the windy side ( 12 to 18 knots) at some time during the day with temps around  21 C to 34 C -----70 F to 95 F  but not bad because of the cool dry winds, so not much in the way of humidity. Oct did have one strong rainy night around middle Oct   for about three hours  that dropped about 3 inches of rain, other than that it has been dry, not even a sprinkle.    Nov usually starts the wet season, sometime during the month and could stretch into Dec.  for when the rains begin on a more regular schedule, perhaps a cyclone from the,Mozambique   or one that drifts over the mountains from the northeast.

This is a good time to get the house painting done, varnish the wood windows and furniture and buy charcoal before the wood becomes wet and the prices go up.

Nov 2 2018, had some showers that were light and barely cleaned the dust off the leaves.

Rain is important here in Mahajanga to fill up the wells in the bush community which are dry at this time. At my school we have a extra deep well that helps with the neighbors to get some water for drink and cook but not for anything else.
Also a good rain helps with the sweetening of the local fruits. If you eat fruit that is not sweetened by rain then you could have stomach pains, I have been there and done that and felt that.   

Here is a fun and interesting and informative site to see the weather all over Madagascar.

I hope others will contribute to this thread from here in Mahajanga or any where else  on the island, especially as we enter cyclone season.

Cyclone season 2018-2019
Tropical storms and cyclones names for the 2018-2019 season in the South-West Indian Ocean


There is a Tropical storm tracking north east of Madagascar that will be a named cyclone on Thursday Nov 8 2018 called Alcide.   

Here is the Trajectory according to

Checking back in to report that Mahajanga is quiet with the very small cyclone Alcide moving off of northern Madagascar to the mainland Africa.  We have had a couple of nights of rain that may have added up to one tenth of an inch, may be more for two nights.  Around midnight for a short rain, some were heavy thick drops of rain.  nice to keep the plants watered.  There  are further reports of maybe some rain in the night for a short while now and then but nothing to amount to much.  Just enough to keep the air fresh, hmmmm
It is expected that it will be quiet for the next ten days or so and you can see this by checking out this site. … h_full.png

There is another cyclone/tropical storm that is struggling to stay alive called
04S. Bouchra off the coast of Indonesia on the other end of the Indian Ocean.
I can't remember the last time a cyclone that far reaching  Madagascar. Those Cyclones usually go south to die out without even reaching La Reunion or Mauritius to the east of Madagascar.

Temps now in the following days will be about 31 to 34C about 88 to 93F &  night time around 24C or 75F

It is fairly commfortable , especially if you can get a breeze from the Mozambique channel which I can. Center town can be hotter with little moving air.   

I see that the east coast of Madagascar has been getting some rain, how much not sure but what I am thinking of is that this is now Lychee season and the rains will make the fruit sweet when it arrives in Mahajanga  next week.  The first shipment came last week but it has been from my experience  just semi sweet and picked to early. I will buy next week.   And as in the past a full basket of 20-22 lbs of the truck, for about $5-$7. 
As always Malagasy get the lower price and Vasaha get the higher price unless you know what you are doing, have experience and speak Malagasy.   

Enjoy Paradise while all is calm.

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