Seasonal Furnished Lettings in France

Hello, I have a place in France that I don't use during the high summer season, and I've just rented it this summer. I understand that for the tax return, I need to use the BIC forms as a non-professional landlord. I'm also aware that I could opt for the micro-enterprise options, but I think under certain circumstances the regime real is better. I'm quite capable of doing my tax returns generally, but can't find any guidance from the Impots website about what is allowable / not allowable in certain categories. In particular, I'm trying to understand:
1)  if I'm allowed to include pro-rated amounts of certain expenses (property maintenance), and
2) as the calculation on the forms includes depreciation of assets like the property cost & furnishings, if I'd be allowed to include these on a pro-rata basis

I am used to the "wholly & exclusively" rule in the UK but am not sure if a similar principle exists in France.

Any help from anyone who has experience in doing their own tax return would be really appreciated :-)


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