Leaving Saudi without iqama and final exit

Hi. I am already working here in abha as housemaid for already 8 months and don't have my iqama yet because my employer didn't it on the bank and I want to go back to Philippines with my own ticket. Is it possible to go home to Philippines without iqama and final exit

Forget final exit to begin with.

If you have a valid Iqama and your sponsor doesn't give you exit re-entry, you won't be able to leave anyway.

Also if you have never had an Iqama i.e. it wasn't even applied for, then you are also in violation of labor law and won't be able to exit until you rectify that.

If you have a valid Iqama and exit re-entry, you can always leave without final exit and never come back - but could be banned to begin with.

Thank you

Hello,  could you please help me, I'm Indian,   im working in Saudi Arabia, I'm working of the company, my contact is 2 years,  now I have completed 15 months,  I don't like to work here,  I have family problem,  I want to go back to my country,  when I asked my company,  they saying need to pay 9000 riyal,  then only you will get final exit,  otherwise waite for 10 more month,  but really want go back my country,  I need to take care of my father,  he not felling well,  at home no body is there,  he's alone now,  that's why I want to go back to India🇮🇳,  could you please help me....

The only option is labor court unfortunately.  Or get exit re-entry, leave and never come back - leads to a ban.

Hi I am a nurse at a hospital in saudi and been working for about 4 months already, but my company doenst issue me iqama.
What RECTIFICATION process should i need to do if I want to go back to Philippines immediately because im tired of waiting already. Thanks.

I had come to Saudi on family visa , my wife n kid got iqama , I could not get iqama, can I leave saudi without iqama, my visa is not expire , I had come two months back

Payment for iqama is done but not showing in computer of jawazat

My current company hadn't processed iqama even though it crossed 90 days of employment
Now I want to transfer to another company.
What is the process????

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