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Hi, I am living in SR until June when I have to return to the UK for work commitments.  I will need to store cooking equipment etc until my return in October.  Does anyone know of a storage place? I've looked online and the only one I can see is in PP.

Many thanks


Hi I would like to know how many items do you want to store? And how long as your post is confusing that says you are here until June and Will be returning in October???
We have extra space to rent but our contract will expire in. September 2019.
Please drop a line with some more information.

Hi, we will leave for the UK in the beginning of June 2019 and will return to SR in October 2019.  We have cooking equipment that would take up the space of a large suitcase.  Can you help? If so what would be the charge?

Kind regards


We have a small halogen cooker, a small rice cooker, some plates, bowls, cutlery and pillows.



Thank you and I think for these items we can't charge anything and feel free to drop the items when you leave.

As I mentioned that our contract will expire on October 7th 2019 and we aren't sure if we continue this house or maybe we will move somewhere in Siem Reap.
Anyway no worries and you are most welcome.

Thank you for your kind offer. That is very kind of you. I will be back in touch before we leave. Thank you again.

You are most welcome.

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