British Female Marrying Moroccan we need help :/

I need some advise, am looking on lots of different web pages & the jargon is driving me crazy.

My fiancé works in UAE and has taken a month off in January so we can get married in Morocco.
His family home is there & his mum will help us with translating papers once I have them.

We need an Adoul who can help us collate all the various documents & help us to get everything in place for when we arrive in January.
I just don't understand the process & it's driving me crazy reading google for info.

So far I have ordered a full birth certificate & am going on my appointment to give notice of marriage in the uk to get my certificate of capacity to marry which takes 28 days after my appointment
I am waiting a few weeks and will then apply for my accro police check.

I am aware once in morocco we go to rabat & medical test & police interview.
My partner only has 1 month off work and we need everything perfect on arrival. So need to do as much as possible here 1st.

I have reverted to Islam but do not have a certificate, I am not sure if a uk issued certificate would be accepted ?

My partner to my knowledge also needs his paperwork dated within 3 months & is not sure what websites he can go to to get his documents full birth certificate and id card dated within 3 months & a police check ?  also a certificate of capacity to marry he will need to apply for as many of these documents as possible online as he works in UAE

Can anyone advise
We need an English speaking Adoul in Agadir, I don't understand all the procedures and where to go.
We have just 3 months and i'm getting really stressed out Help !!

I can only help a tiny bit  since it differs for British and Americans.
I only needed police check in order to live in Morocco and get my residency.
I can tell you for sure that you dont need any certificate or whatever about being Muslim.  Women can be Christian, Jewish or Muslim to marry a Moroccan man. They didnt ask for my baptismal certificate but i suppose that could have happened?
Hopefully someone can help you out on how to get an adoul in Agadir?  We had a local attorney and I'm not sure if that is the same thing. 
Some of this might help: … ish.15697/
Also, I would call (or go yo) the Moroccan Consulate in the UK

Good Luck!

Hya thank you.. I've since registered for my certificate of no impediment.
Only thing were now unsure of.
1,My partners id is all from guelmim as that's the main family home.
However mum lives in agadir now so we were planning to marry there. But is this possible as he originates from Guelmim ?
2, my mum used a marriage name for me during school years that i forgot to mention, ive emailed the registrar and told them i made this error.
Does the certificate detail former known by names?
3, i put only Morocco on the form as where we will marry as we will be marrying with an adoul.
I wasn't sure if i should put Guelmim or Agadir as per point 1.. will this cause an issue? Stating Morocco ?

Help 😫

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