meet more people around my age (25)

Hi y'all, I moved to KL from the USA (NYC area) in July and I'm finally getting all settled in. I've met some great people, but the majority of expats that I've met here are in their 30s-40s and I'm only 25.

It would be refreshing to meet more people around my age and preferably with good English skills. I've tried some meet ups, but usually there is an older crowd. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Just to inform you that i have created a separate thread with your post on the Kuala Lumpur forum.

I hope that it will give you much more visibility and will help you to make new acquaintances.

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Hi as you normally need to be an expert to be an expat and over 27 (except IT) to get a work permit so that's normal.

Time to grow up youngling and realise expat life is very different back home. You have to make friends of all ages, all types, all nationalities and especially outside your normal circle. Basically time to be an adult!  Or take up stamp collecting and have no friends.

When I was in Thaialnd for example we had 18 year olds, early 20s to 50 year olds partying together. You cant be ageist.

You could also try meetup activity groups that attract younger Malaysians like rock climbing. But do realise youngsters of your age are mostly into career career career with a focus in life.

Hey Alex, we're both in the same condition.

I'm 25 as well and just recently moved to KL from Jakarta.

I'm still trying to settle in as well as expanding my circle here, definitely need extra effort to find fellow expats in their 20s.

At the moment I'm trying to join sports community as it attracts younger crowd. You'll be able to meet not only expats, but maybe make some local friends as well

As Nemodot said.....(hey Nemodot have you been drinking? because...) well anyway you have to be open to all ages, all the time. There is no such 20s group to join and you dont know how and where you would meet anymore. Just be open to meeting anyone and the rest will take care of itself.

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