Moving from SA to Mauritius

Hi Everyone

I am new to this site :)

We want to move to Mauritius for better and safer future for our kids.

Jobs are obviously our top priority before we can consider schools, housing ect.

My fiance runs a family business in SA doing installation of blinds, curtain tracks, poles and
bathroom accessories in all town house complexes, office blocks and private homes. I am not sure if opening up the same type of business will flourish in Mauritius. Can anyone help with a contact in Mauritius who deals with this type of business or give any suggestions?

My fiance is also a very outgoing person who loves working with people. He has such a vibrant personality and would also love to take people on excursions eg: mountain biking as this is his passion. He is prepared to do anything like help run a coffee shop for example, or if there are any South African's who have businesses who are looking for people to help them in their business, he will be willing to help in anyway he can.

Do you think it would be feasible for my Fiance to come to Mauritius for a month to look for work, find schools ect. as opposed to tying to find work from abroad. He is looking at coming to Mauritius in Feb next year.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Thank you, Vanessa.


The key to doing business in Mauritius for an expat is to ensure it doesn't eat up the revenues of locals running the same type of business and secondly to ensure that the business will be performing well enough so as to meet the required turnover for every financial year. These are the requirements for getting an Occupation Permit as an Investor.
Putting it short, the business must have an innovative touch and the products/services must be fairly accessible to a large segment of the population.
Or you can develop a small but niche and lucrative market.

There are some local operators in this field and you just  have to google 'blinds' 'mauritius' and you will find them and can ultimately contact them for information.

Other activities like mountain biking, etc are normally reserved for local operators and coffee shop business is not recommended as the sector is kind of saturated and you risk not being able to fulfill the financial obligations as set in your permit.

Coming to Mauritius on an exploratory trip is not only feasible but highly recommended to get a proper insight of the socio-economic environment of the country before moving,

A suggestion would be to look out for businesses and trades popular in SA but still fairly unknown in Mauritius but with high potential.

Winston, thank you for the feedback, it's really appreciated.

I will definitely take your advise into consideration.


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