been here a long time

We helped our daughter and her family move to charente maritime in 2004, fell in love with the area, so we moved the next year about 20 mins away from her.
We are in our late 70`s have no neighbours and our french is very limited cos we do not have anyone to speak to, a bit inconvenient at times but we "manage".
Spent a lot of time purchasing stuff from brico`s so we know a bit of that.
Main reason we moved from Briton was to get away from the continuous wave after wave of bad weather, which we do not have in this part of France.
Our income comprises of oap pensions and BT, all taken a dive since brexit, but we survive!
We have experience in car rebuilding, electrical work, and stone work.

hi fiatman and welcome to the forum  :)

Hello fiatman - where do you live?

charente maritime, near the border of deux sevres on the D950.
Thank you I hope my experiences here will be of some small value to someone.

Hi everyone,

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I feel sure that you if you make the effort to learn French then life would be much easier. It doesn't necessarily cost much, if anything.

There are often courses run by volunteers (French volunteers) held at the local community centres. There are also other courses but you have to make the effort.

Thank you Euston for your pearls of wisdom.
our life is very easy since we came to live in France thank you.
We made the effort to learn french when we came in 2005 but now we are surrounded
by empty houses, so we do not talk to anyone to practice our new language.
At our ages of 79 and 76 respectively we forget what we learn if we do not speak, and
we forget anyway day to day.
We spent 2/12 years building our house so learnt a lot of brico expressions most of which are now forgotten.
We can "manage" with hand expressions, pointing and in exceptions I can draw pictures.
We were never taught french at scool either.

Your welcome. As long as you are content to be isolated and are happy, who am I to offer advice!

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That's for sure!

Obviously a man of few words! Almost intelligent too!

its just a game to see who has the last word, you will never win

Oh you can have the last word no matter how erudite!, no problem at all. Just interesting to see how your mind works! Will you remain in France after Brexit ? Do try to keep it civil or your posts are deleted and you're wasting your time. A shame as I do enjoy a discussion!

Hi Euston,
We have no intention of going back to our place of birth, horrible place!!!
We were in the Isle of Man for 20 years before we chose France to live and retire.
We now have a french born great granddaughter.
Apart from my brotherinlaws family everyone else is here.
We will die here one way or another, I hope we have a few more years left though.

Hi Barry,
                First, I hope you had a merry Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year, whatever it brings! I have just got back from holiday and seen you last post so I apologise for a late reply.

I find it sad that you say Britain (Isle of man) is a horrible place. Obviously I enjoy living here rather than the U.K. but I would never describe Britain as a' horrible place' It would be interesting to know what you find 'horrible' about it?

Like you I intend to see my days out in France (Brexit allowing!!!) and again, like you, hope there are many healthy years yet to come. Right, once again I wish you a happy New Year.


Thank you Bonne Annee,
My health is not good at the moment, it can only get better.
I got banned from survivefrance for speaking my mind about england, so I will not go there again.
I grew up being able to insult foreigners and said they were not welcome, but that is called racist now and we are not allowed.

Hi Barry,
Well I hope your health improves for 2019., nothing is more important than your health, absolutely nothing as if you are not well you can't even take care of others!

As for insulting foreigners! I do hope you manage to insult some of our countrymen as well!  I can think of many foreigners  who put the British to shame. On the other hand should you simply insult foreigners because they are foreign then I suppose that is racist,  or at least racialism, people don't seem to be able to understand  the difference but there is one.

I wonder how you would feel if the French insulted you because you are English? Indeed do you insult the French because they are French?


I will not will not will no...........t

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