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I'm the benefit of K1 Visa, I am Syrian citizen live in France, me and my American fiancé lived toghether for few years before she moved back to US.
However she applied for K1 visa through the us Embassy for me in April 2017, after the interview the officer pute under Administrative process till now, do à year and half.
During this period of distance between me andy fiancé our situation become hard and we decided few days ago to end the relationship because we don't know howuch long this process could take... Few more months or years, and shes not going to live in France with me.
My question is can I contact the US embassy to cancel the visa processing? As the benefit? Its always under AP... Or just never show up again?
Do I have to explain the details behind that decession or not?

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Maybe it’s worth to wait until you know for sure that relationship is over. Calling to US embassy will not change anything except will make you more frustrated.

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