Receiving Personal Items from USA

I live in Cairo and I'm just wondering if anyone has had personal items (not stuff that was ordered like from Amazon) sent to them from the USA? I mean like clothes or spices, nothing "forbidden" such as vitamins and no electronics or anything expensive.

You still have to pay at customs
You have it sent hopefully to a business not to you personally
Then when it comes you go sign in fir it you must go every week
If your lucky they will take nothing from your box
Finally you go to customs and pay almost same as you payed fir each and they let you have it
Very difficult
I am coming first of December if all you want are remedies and vitamins
Good luck

Thanks for your reply and your kind offer. However, I think you misunderstood. I'm only wanting to have my old clothes sent to me. They are not new and there will not be anything else in the box. I'm not sure how they can charge my tax on used items but if anyone can find a way it's Egypt. Haha. Thank you again for your offer.  :)

You said like vitamins
My friend had her personal
Stuff sent and was not new
She paid just the same good luck

I said like clothes or spices and nothing "forbidden" such as vitamins. Not that it matters. And I have no doubt that they can find a way to tax me for used items. If nothing else then on the cost of shipping. Allahu 3alem. Rabinna sa7el. She is sending me maternity clothes because I have looked everywhere in Egypt and kind find anything besides leggings and oversized shirts and I don't wear pants out of the house. So, I feel I don't have a choice and I guess even if they charge taxes it will be cheaper than having all these clothes made at a tailor here. I am really curious about actually receiving the package. She is sending it garunteed delivery so Rabinna yuster.Thanks for your information.

Yeah its a small box. Thanks so much for the advice.

I know of someone in the states that ships things from the US to Cairo and from Cairo to the US for a good price, inshaAllaah.

please let the rest of us know so we can participate in the marvel
thank you

His name is Abdullah you can reach him on Whatsapp ***

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Thank you

Hi, I can help you in this, have you solved this or not yet?

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