Will a herpes carrier be denied Employment Pass in Malaysia

Hi guys, This is my first post here so I hope it doesn’t break any rules.

I have recently received a job offer in Malaysia for a Data Scientist position with salary 10k MYR per month. The only issue is that I am HSV +ve i.e Herpes positive. I am not sure if am going to be denied an employment pass because of this. I need to submit resignation letter at my present company but I want to make sure that I do that only if I am sure I’ll have no problems else I’ll end up being jobless.

Most countries only look for HIV, Syphillis etc, Not sure about Malaysia and I can’t find this info online either. Can someone please help me clear my doubt.

There are medical tests but only for employees who earn under RM 5,000 per month. 

This is an extract from a report about what is tested

Below is a list of category 1 conditions (as determined
by the Malaysian Ministry of Health)
1. Human immunodeficiency virus (HN) infection /
acquired immunodeficiency disease syndrome
2. Tuberculosis (old and recent)
3. Leprosy
4. Viral hepatitis B
5. Psychiatry illness
6. Epilepsy
7. Cancer
8. Sexually transmitted disease (syphilis)
9. Drugs addiction (opiate and cannabinoids)
10. Pregnancy (which is during term of employment)
In this category, the foreign worker is considered unfit
to work in Malaysia.

Below is a list of category 2 conditions (as determined
by the Malaysian Ministry of Health)
1. Malaria
2. Hypertension
3. Bronchial asthma
4. Diabetes mellitus
5. Peptic ulcer
6. Kidney diseases
7. Hearing problems
8. Heart diseases
9. Others

Thanks a lot for the reply. So if this report is to be believed I shouldn’t have issues, right?

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