Tourist visa

I'm on a 3 month tourist visa which will expire next month,  what's the best way to get another 3 months?

Leave the country for a few days and then re-enter. In the past 7 days has been suggested if not leaving until between 80-90th day.

Gravitas , thx for your response,  u always been a great help to everyone over here.

1. How many do I need to stay outta the country?

2. Upon returning to KL ,would the immigration at the airport ask to see an airliner reservation to prove that I'll be leaving Malaysia??

Hi, I'm also a tourist in KL, currently on my third tourist visa.

The first time I left, I went to Cambodia for a week. When I came back they didn't ask anything, but I think that also may change depending on where is your passport from...

The only time they asked me for the ticket to leave Malaysia was in this last occasion...

I hope it helps you

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