Moving Family to Panama

Hi all
I'd like to move my family over to Panama
I'm in the IT industry with 18 Years Experience , but sadly no diploma or degree
My wife is a qualified Junior bookkeeper
and my son is 6 years old

we would like to relocate and work in Panama ,even if its starting at the bottom and working our way up... even if its not in our field to start off.

can anyone recommend the best route or agents to contact to start the process and if possible fast track.
from what I can see Panama is amazing and I'd love to give my family a fresh start with more opportunities and a brighter future for my son.

If possible i'd also really appreciate help in maybe getting in touch with employment agencies that might help facilitate my job search or help with a sponsored visa.

Thank You very Much

Conrad Botha

I have been living here in Panama for nearly 2 years although I am retired but I have met others that moved here to work.
Personally I wouldn't consider a move here to be advantages to children.  The public school system here is sadly lacking so you would need to consider a private school.  Given that the opportunities for advancement after regular school are very slim.  There is essentially no manufacturing and the only noticeable business growth is with banking as there is an abundance of banks here and it isn't due to the majority of Panamanians having lots of money.  Wages here are very low in comparison to USA or Canada so if you wish to work you will always be compared to local Panamanian talent and paid accordingly.  For the benefit of your children I would  not ecommend this or any such 3rd wold country.

Thank you so much for the reply....

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