i want to study mba in germany

i don't know anything about it i want to complete master in english can you guys tell me name of university and cutoff and fees cheap ones

There are various webpages for foreigners giving information about available schools, courses and entry requirements. One of them is study-in.de.

Are you looking to do masters in English or a MBA conducted in English? It unclear as you didn’t manage to write your only sentence in proper English. This doesn’t foretell positively on your chances. Anywhere you go you will be expected to first prove proficiency in English through IELT or TOEFL tests.

The other fundamental question is why you post this on a forum for Germany? If you want to study in English then why not go to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or some other English speaking country?

German is spoken in Germany and it’s the normal language of instruction at public Universities. There are some exceptions. I am posting a link to the German Academic Exchange Program site that shows University programs offered in English. This site also shows all of the requirements for studying in Germany. Many of the programs are at private Universities and are thus expensive. This contradicts the main reason most foreigners want to study in Germany, which are the free public Universities. The only specific full time MBA program in English I find listed at this site is at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Düsseldorf- cost 18,900 Euros per semester!

https://www.topuniversities.com/where-t … ny-english

Another good site that gives an overview in English for foreigners wishing to study in Germany:

https://www.topuniversities.com/where-t … in-germany

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