Volunteers work

Hello I’m looking for volunteers work, not speaking French, but taking private French lesson. Disparate to meet French people, hopefully learn French quick.

Are you still living on the Island?

Yes I’m still on the island  :)

Oki cool , i am coming in about 1 month if you are keen to meet up :)
I will be at L'Entre Deux, saw that you are based at l'Etang Salé, right?
Is there any expats meet up currently happening or so?

Cool I’m very keen to meet up :)  Entre-Deux is one of my favourite places to go for hiking.
Unfortunately no group meeting on expat, i was hoping to make some friends/contact.
Let me know when you’re ready for meet-up.
Take care

Sure i will!
I do love hiking as well! looking forward!
TTY soon!

Thank you very much

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