Finding new house or room

2 people staying in Iran for 2~3 months (duration can be extended to 8 months)

Near Mahmoodiyeh, Jim street.

We want
-minimum 2 room with fully furnished.
-can use bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, living room
-Good heating & warming system
-cleaning, full-wifi service also needed

Thinking about less than 400$ per month.(for 2 people)

Dormitory, Guest house, Share house - you can suggest anything.

Contact me please.

I hope you are doing well.
I'll b glad if you have a look to my house as below link. … rooms.html

I'll give u good discount if u want b more than 3 months.

Hello everyone,

[at] Jenny, please drop your advert in the dedicated section : Housing in Iran

Adverts are not allowed on the forum section. You will surely get some offers by posting your own ad there.

All the best,

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