Ways to transfer money

I would like to ask about the different ways of getting money from a US bank account into INR in your hands.

I have looked at credit cards (very expensive), using Transfer-Wise, using Western Union, and simply using your debit card an ATM.

I'm looking at ATM withdrawals specifically.  I have not been able get an answer from my bank regarding the total of withdrawal fees, so I have to do a test withdrawal of the maximum allowed and see what the fees all add up to, and then compare that with the other methods of money transfers.  The big catch with ATMs is that you are limited to Rs.10,000 at a time, Indian or foreign.  Depending on where you are, you may find that the majority of the ATMs in your area don't work (my ratio is only 1 out of 6 actually work).

Does anyone have experience with this?

Check out TransferWise. They are very good.

I found that Western Union is by far the easiest for me to use.  No ATMs, given the fees AND limited amount of withdrawals.  Thank you.

On second thought, after clarification from a friend and a branch manager, I was able to open an NRO savings account (account based in Rs.), I just found out that I can transfer money from account to account without going to a WU Forex location.  Just do it online.

The problem is THIS.  If you are on a tourist visa, forget it.  You have to close the bank account after six months when you leave.  It is not clearly stated whether you have to reclaim the money physically or you can let the account be deactivated and then reactivate upon return with your visa and entry stamp.

Do I have any options other than doing the above, holding in cash and hoping you don't get robbed, and holding the money in a US bank account and hoping that it doesn't get confiscated in a "bail-in?"  Multi-currency accounts won't work here.

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