Working conditions and labour laws in Ukraine


Working conditions differ across the world, and as a working expat, it is important to know your rights as an employee.

Are working conditions standard in Ukraine? For instance, are working hours, paid time off, and sick leave different for expats v.s. locals? Do they differ based on the type of company (private, public, NGO)?

Are there laws in place regarding physical conditions of the office, employee protection, etc.?

What are some resources in Ukraine to inform people about labour laws and employee rights (websites, governmental associations)?

Have the general working conditions or labour laws changed in any way lately?

How do the working conditions and labour laws in Ukraine differ from your country of origin?

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in Ukraine no any work without known as full command on Ukrainian language and permanent residential documents

All rights and laws are the same for Ukrainians and expats. Once an foreigner has a work permit, s/he is entitled to the same benefits and rights as a Ukrainian. See … -law-guide "Requirements for Employment".

Standard working hours in Ukraine are 40 hours per week (8 hours per day), compared to the UK which is 37.5 hours per week (7.5 hours per day).

Minimum number of vacation days in Ukraine is 24, compared with a minimum of 28 days in the UK.

I believe that the labour laws in Ukraine are fairly dated and go back to the Soviet times, and the laws do not match with modern requirements. I think with a good employment contract, employees can be protected, however a lot of companies choose to hire freelancers under civil service agreements, therefore bypassing the Labour Code of Ukraine. Freelancers only need to comply with the Civil Code of Ukraine.

I am employed by a company owned by my wife, so I don't know for sure what working conditions are like. But, from my experience, the office-life in Ukraine is quite comfortable; most benefit from comfortable desks, chairs, air conditioning etc etc.

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