Hello everybody! Buenos días a todos!

Hi there! I'm Emilie from Belgium. I am very interested in meeting English/Spanish native speakers in Belgium and Luxembourg since I spent the last 4 years in Ireland and Spain. I'd love to expand my social circle. Let's meet! :) ¡Hola! Soy Emilie de Bélgica. Estoy muy interesada en conocer a gente de habla hispana y lengua inglesa en Bélgica y en Luxemburgo porque he pasado los últimos 4 años en Irlanda y en España. Me gustaría ampliar mi círculo de amigos. ¡Contáctame! :)

Hi Emilie, :)

I have moved your message on the Belgium anglophone forum for better visibility.

I hope you get loads of new contacts on the site.

ps: you should post in spanish in the hispanophone version on the site.

Thank you and good luck

Hi I speak both Spanish and English and would be interested in language exchange do you happen to know French? I'm going to try and focus on learning French if it happens to be the most common language. But PS my Spanish isn't what it use to be but I would like to practice it either way.


Hello I speak English and really only English I move in 18 days and for the most part i will  be in Sint-Genesius-Rode and loser there is actually more dutch people than French population wise however Brussels is very mixed indeed


Yo llegué a Bruselas hace solo un par de semanas, soy español pero puedo hablar también inglés.

Contáctame si te apetece quedar a tomar algo :D

Hi spidkin,

Can you please write in English in this English forum. Thank you very much. :)

Hi all.

Emile, I just tried to reply your message but system doesn't allow me to reply it :S

So if you want give me your MSN and I'll write you.


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