Expat travel insurance

Hi. We moved to KL  almost3 months ago and are starting to do a bit of travelling around Asia. Back in the UK we had annual travel insurance which covered us for everything and was a reasonable price. I now need something similar for here as I can’t use the company we used in the UK. I have looked at a number of expat companies offering travel insurance, but the prices are ridiculously high. I have found AXA offering a policy but I believe this is only for Malaysian nationals. Can anyone help with this please.

World Nomads is popular.

I have looked at them and they are very expensive.

Sometimes there is insurance included if you pay with credit card for a booking. Air Asia offers insurance. If you are travelling check out www.airasiago.com.my for deals, promocodes and free flights.

I have the same issue.  Sister coming from uk and she bought ins for Malaysia but may want to travel to singapore .  World Nomad will cost 55 pounds for just a 2 days trip.

Has anyone else  found any other travel  insurance for travellers who come here and then need to go ellsewhere....?

Won't the original policy provider quote for an extension to SG?

Do need a long-term immigration pass in Malaysia to buy local insurance (eg not possible on a tourist entry)

Credit Cards often have insurance provided. Otherwise other option available for everyone is to buy travel insurance from the airline (Air Asia offer it)

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